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The Who’s Who

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Enjoy a wide range of handmade vendors, collectors, vintage and repurposed vendors.

Become a Vendor

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Each month we will rotate food trucks to keep our flavors fresh. Enjoy sweets, savory and drinks.

Join our Food Truck Crew


Nothing beats live music, so we've added it our scene. Enjoy OC sounds while hanging out with us each 3rd Sunday.

Want to play at one of our events?

Register to become a vendor, food truck or musician.


We love events, do you? We are looking for vendors that take pride in what they make/sell from product design to booth displays to showing up on time and having a great attitude. Here's a bit about what we are looking for:

If you got the fab finds, we'd love have you! Handmade items are our priority but we also will take vintage, repurposed, fair-trade and some collectables. If you have any question about what category your items fall into, please email us at

Event hours are 11am to 4p
Vendor setup is 9am.

Booth sizes range from 10x10ft up to 10x20ft. UTILITIES ARE NOT OFFERED (electricity, water, lighting, Wi-Fi etc).

Prices range from $70 per booth.

Do we take food items?
Yup! Love them.

There are no refunds on payments made towards booking a market space.

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